crack charting

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  1. I'd like to start charting and possibly trading the crack spread and was wondering if anyone could offer advice on how to chart it. There are several ratios and that part should not be hard but how do you put the chart together to get a picture of the relationship between the components?

    I use esignal right now but am not locked into a particular package if there are other recomendations.
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  3. Heh, I get a little bit crazy when I hear Becky Quick talking about the "crack spread"...
  4. rosy2


    #crack spread
    # (-CL*3) + (HU*2*42) + (HO*1* 42)

    # 3 barrels of oil produce
    # 2 barrels of gasoline
    # 1 barrel of heat

    do the calculation and get your dataset. I would go with a bid / offer envelope type chart