Crabel: Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and ORB

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Brosh J., Jan 26, 2003.

  1. Brosh J.

    Brosh J.

    I have this book. I am planning on selling it on ebay or amazon, but would prefer to sell it here (less hassle etc)

    I consider this one of the best books I have read, but I have digested the info so I have no further need for it.

    The book is in excellent condition, no marks, torn or bent pages, or scratches.

    If interested, PM me with a price.


    Brosh J.
  2. ALICE


    how much you want for the book?
  3. just21


    I bid $1
  4. opm8


    Now $1.01 x ???
  5. just21


  6. $1.02001
  7. A veritable bidding fenzy... bordering on frothy.
  8. just21


  9. Whoa now... you guys are gettin' crazy!!!
  10. a dollar two ninety eight +10 cents and I'll split P&H cost with ya.
    #10     Jan 27, 2003