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  1. r-in


    Anyone here use CQG's trade platform, DOM, or ticket features to trade? I use CQG for data and charting, but never really paid attention to the trade platform end of it, and was wondering why pay for X_Trader if I have the same thing essentially via CQG? I would think it offers the same reliability, but would like to know of anyones experience with it.
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    The reliability is just as good as X trader and its very user friendly. It does not have the extent of features that X trader has. If you are just concerned with reliablity than CQG is excellent and much cheaper.
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    No questions on reliability for the data, so I guess it makes sense that the platform would be the same. I'll see if I can run it in demo to get a feel for it. If it is close to X-Trader for function it'll probably be good for me. Thanks for the input.
  4. CQG may not have the scalping features as in X_trader. You can go to CQG's site to request a demo. I'm also thinking about using CQG's trading platform through Refco. There is only exchange fee and no commission in the package that combines both charting and trading. Please keep us updated if you try CQG.
  5. I'm using the demo: is anyone able to see the last trade on DOM and a T&S screen?

    Also I see CQGTrader offers the full depth of the market on ZB/ZN for example, i.e. not only 10+10 price levels.
  6. In CQG new version of software that is about to be released (7.2), Current Trade Volume is displayed. They hope to be releasing it in the next few weeks.
  7. New features available for the 7.2 release are:
    - Send Image
    - Local Accounts
    - Trader Interface Changes

    Anyone know more about the details of those features?
  8. yshterk


    I work for CQG so have some "insider information". Here is the overview of new features:

    New features available for the 7.2 release are:
    - Send Image

    Users will be able to send email from within their CQG with whatever is displayed on their screen (Chart, news, quotes, etc.)

    - Local Accounts

    This feature is intended for traders who want to keep their positions off-line or want to key in their positions manually and allow the software to keep track of OTE, P&L, balance etc.

    - Trader Interface Changes

    There are some changes that were done to the trading interfaces (ability to liquidate/reverse positions, cancel all, OPO orders) and release of ChartTrader that allows you to view your chart with all of the studies on it combined with DOM, ability to send orders directly from your chart, manage your orders on the chart and monitor your positions.
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    The CQG Trader software is hosted on your servers correct (doesn't matter which broker)?

    So when I place my order it transmits to your servers to the market correct? Then the broker tiens to your servers for risk management purpose?
  10. yshterk
    thanks for your comments. Please keep us up-to-date about the developments on this platform. :)
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