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  1. Anyone have experience with this vendor of data, charts, and trading route platform?

    I'm looking for real time multiple linear regression on price or study data set.


  2. jtnet


    how about Gaussian flux's?

    ive heard cqg is the top of the line as far as price goes
  3. I started a CQG thread a week or so ago and I don't think it recieved a reply. Let's keep this one alive in hope of a user piping in.
  4. Malinois


    I used them for a few years in the late 90's. Very reliable and probably the best customer service I've ever experienced. You will pay for it however. Depends on your needs. I currently use DTN-IQ / Ensign for a quarter of the price and it suits me fine.
  5. I used CQG for years, and while I don't now it's certainly no fault of theirs. The product can do a great deal and, as another poster already mentioned, their customer service is excellent. Call them and find out if it'll do what you need. It is pricey, but if you need the horsepower, it's well worth it.
  6. I remember FT71 member used to access to CQG... but recently he is rarely active here.
  7. Dogfish


    I've used CQGLan for the last 5 years but trade on TT so no experience with executuion, as far a charting goes it's superb, you get what you pay for. Oh and good customer phone support, nothing annoying like bloomberg who refuse to pick up a phone and type rubbish on messenger
  8. I'm going to order it today, and keep everyone informed.