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    does anyone know what the current pricing for CQG is? i could not find it on their website. also, i remember awhile back there is a one time setup fee, is that still the case? thanks.

  2. Sanity,

    The monthly cost is $595.00 and $75.00 one time activation fee.
  3. If you are using CQG for charts/prices and not trading I think there may also be a cheaper base fee than the $595.

    I used them for years then switched,when I called about a year ago to see what the then current prices were the saleswoman instantly started quoting the higher base package,when I asked if there was a cheaper one she said yes,I then decided not to use them again.

    For what I needed it for,futures/options with no MP the cheaper option would have been ample I just didn't like the assumption that I would take on the more expensive option.
  4. 2007 Intergrated Client Pricing
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    thanks guys! :)
  6. While we are at it, does anyone know what the symbol limit is for API data (real-time streaming) ?

    Or is there a practical bandwidth issue ?

    I'm looking for another vendor to record (highly liquid) 5000 - 10000 symbol's tick data. This implies 10MBit/sec is reached easily.

    Currently only S&P Comstock seems to be good for this.
  7. I've been trying data feeds/programs lately to see what's out there.

    Tried 1 vendor...www.bluesystems.info
    was not impressed. Program kept disconnecting. Their data comes from interactive data (same as esignal).

    I'm so far, impressed with a "well known" brand that many think is beyond their reach.

    Reuters has a package they call "QuoteCenter". It's put out by their retail side, Equis/Metastock.

    I'm using their European data package and so far it looks like a great value. Not many people know about it. The data seems rock-solid. I've had it a couple of weeks so far.

    A "real value" for $135/mo + exch fees.