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  1. jd7419


    Hi guys,

    I am done with the piece of garbage known as esignal and am waiting for my username and password for cqg trial. How much do you guys pay for nyse/amex/nas/cme/cbot/nymex plus platform fee a month? Also have you cqg users had any issues with data quality and speed lately?
  2. I'm also an eSignal user and would like to explore other platforms. I pay $161.00 per month and I only trade the S&P emini.

    What are other users paying for similar services (quote feed & charting)? Does CQG or Tradestation provide for 'range-bar' rather than simply providing 'time-based' bars?
  3. trimble


    you pay for what you get, I have used CQG since 1999 and have never seen any professional traders use anything other than CQG for futures/index's. I have never had issues with this company and the service is second to none. Yes I do pay $750 a month but thats just a cost of doing business.
    Please dont discount what I'm saying b/c I only have a few posts, I only read this crap on ET when I'm bored. I'm a real trader who does not have time to waste on this site during trading hours. Give CQG a try, I promise you its worth the $$$
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    anyone i know in commodities uses cqg.
  5. jd7419


    I will give them a try trimble. Right now I pay $370 for esignal with a bunch of exchanges I listed in my op. I will gladly pay more for something that works. I am so God damned pissed at esignal and their support staff. I really want the company to pay and the only way I know how is by cancelling my subsciption of 4 years and never coming back.
  6. Aok


    Can you trade using Esig, IB, Iqfeed etc?

    Of course you can. And until you are not worried about whether you are a profitable trader, you should use a lower priced feed.

    But without data you can count on you're dead in the water.

    CQG is IMO the best sub $1000 data feed, you can use. Yes, it's expensive but not as expensive as missed trading opportunities/days because of faulty data.

    Along with Aspen Graphics probably the best customer service as well.

    Call for a current quote as the attachment is couple years old, but will give you an idea minus exchange costs.

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    Try Ninjatrader, Quotetracker, or SierraCharts. You can use both Ninja and Quotetracker for free and Sierra for nominal fee. All will do range bars no problem. There are other softwares of course. But at least these 3 are stable.