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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by neutrino, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Hi, I want to use the CQG Integrated Client which has great charting and historial data. But I also wonder how do you like the trading capabilities of the platform? Would you rather use only the basic charting/analytical package of CQG Integrated Client and execute your trades through a different application (like X_Trader, J-Trader or any other broker trading platform like IB TWS)?

    The reason I ask is that CQG standard trading package costs additional $200/mo and the advanced trading package (trailing stops etc.) is $400/mo while most trading front-ends such as Interactive Brokers TWS are free.

    I will swing trade futures on CME, CBOT, ICE and NYMEX.
  2. Anyone ?
  3. Covert


    If speed is not an issue (scalping ect) then CQG will be fine for you- you also won't need the advanced trading features unless you want some of their enhanced orders such as trailing stops, Iceberg, DOM triggered stops, ect. The charting package is second to none, but the trading features are weak at best, so take that into account.
  4. Yes, I will not scalp. So I guess the trading functionality will be fine.