CQG Trader down this morning

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  1. I am glad I have two brokers IB up and working fine
  2. How much is the monthly fee and commission you pay for CQG?
  3. Thru Alaron its $3.80 flat round turn on minis, CQG is free.
  4. I'm using CQG with another broker. Your rate seems good. Do you have a volume commitment to maintain to keep that rate?
  5. Know
  6. know = no :confused:

    CQG was down for me last week right where Bernanke was giving testimony...

    guess wat, I was short ER2 b4 the system went down!! GAGG...
  7. CQG is even going down these days.....wow. :(
  8. Does that include exchange fees? Thanks.
  9. Yes

  10. I just had another issue, quotes just stopped, froze up. Logged out then logged back in and was not able to connect. Called CQG and after a couple of minutes got it up and running. CQG says they are having server issues.

    No better off here than, IB,Tradestation.

    Bottom line all electronic exchanges have issues, you may think you can pay more and get better connectivity but in reality they all have problems.

    And no its not my internet connection, IB was running the whole time.
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