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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rymondo, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. rymondo


    can anyone recommend from experience a broker that offers cqg trader?

    i would be needing one with low account minimum $5k or less and low day and preferably overnight margin requirements.

    advantage is currently the most likely candiatate. overnight margin is the only issue.

    thank you
  2. How about RCG? I don't know about overnight margin... But it is a good broker. I've heard good things about Advantage too, so do some more research to see which one is more appropriate for you. If you are an active trader, compare the commission rates they will offer, there may be as much as $0.50 per contract difference.
  3. Does RCG offer cqg trader ?
  4. Yes. You can go to the RCG website and check the 'Trading Platforms' section. RCG is one of the big clearing firms in Chicago.

    I hope you know the difference between CQG Trader and CQG Integrted Client. The CQG Trader offers DOM trading, Orders&Positions, but no charts and technical analysis tools. It is the cheaper option though. You can download a CQG Trader demo from the CQG website and test it.

  5. OK, thanks.
  6. rymondo


    thanks for the reply. i know the difference between cqg trader and the integrated client :). i don't need much in the way of charts and i'm happy to get what i need elsewhere.

    thanks for the suggetion of rcg. i will check them out also...
  7. Infinity futures will work too, they clear through RCG.

    I use CQG Trader through Infinity. Its a nice order entry platform, especially for spreads which is what I use it for.