CQG trader and Integrated Client

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Covert, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Covert


    Is anyone out there using these platforms, and if so, is there any feedback you'd care to offer. CQG has made a recent push to get these two products out on more screens. My understanding is that the Integrated Client is embedded with the charting software and CQG Trader is a standalone product.
    My questions are-
    Is there a difference in 'Look and Feel' between these two?
    Are you satisfied with the product overall?
  2. SITH


    Anyone know how this compares to TT?
  3. RedDuke


    CQG is a good charting software. TT is a good execution one. Both have other sides, but they good only in their primary function.
  4. odberman


    CQG is working good but when the market making price impules as after FED meeting and e.c. the plarform is working unstable for some period of time or you geting message : "conncetion is slow"
  5. katesdp


    has anyone else experienced this?

  6. twinx


    What about their API? Is it fast, e.g. in comparison to TWS/IB?