CQG Integrated Client vs X_Trader Pro

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  1. Hi,

    I'm in the process of opening an account with Advantage Futures but I still can't decide whether to choose CQG Integrated Client or X_Trader Pro.
    I currently use NinjaTrader with Zen-Fire (Mirus Futures). I'm a full-time day trader. I primarily use technical analysis for my trading decision but nothing complicated (support, resistance, trendline). I'm not a scalper and I don't use the DOM to place my orders. I've decided to change my broker and my trading platform because I'm now trading bigger lots (between 100 and 200 contracts per trade for ES) and I had a lot of problems with the execution of my trades with NinjaTrader and Zen-Fire recently.
    I would like you to share your experiences with these 2 platforms. The pros and the cons of these platforms. Your opinion on which platform is best suit for me.

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    TT has an excellent feed, but so does cqg. I don't do spread trading, but TT has an autospreader. Cqg has a spread trading function as well. If you don't need a dome and don't do spread trading, I would considering cqg to be somewhat better for you. Cqg has great technical analysis features, from many chart types to chart features.
  3. I also am in the process of deciding which to choose CQG Integrated Client or X_Trader Pro. I currently use Ran Order but they charge $1 Round Turn just for the execution.
    Trading Options exclusively and also looking to trade many more markets. Any advice is helpful. I do know that every clearing firm does not trade every market. Trading Technologies has TT Net where certain clearing firms are exposed to many more markets. It seems pricing is fairly close.
  4. any thoughts on CTS T4? i believe they also have a spreader.
  5. I use all three (CQG, TT, T4) as one serves a purpose the other one does not.

    If you are relying heavily on TA for your trading I would suggest CQGIC or CTS T4. Simply because TT XTRADER charting is horrible. There are times where I'll try to pull a chart for a 1 month calendar spread and it gives me errors/chart does not load.

    XTRADER has the lowest barriers to entry in terms of automated execution. You can link autotrader to an excel pricing engine and post quotes directly into the exchange with basic programming knowledge. I believe CQG QTrader serves the same purpose.

    It really all comes down to how much your willing to pay. CQG & TT are >$1,200/month whereas CTS T4 is the cheapest option. If you're clearing through advantage I think it comes out to $200/month minimum with the first 400 trades free and it caps out at $500/mo

    CTS T4 API access is also free, compared to TT or CQG