CQG Integrated Client Platform Wonders.

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  1. kanellop


    Hello to all.

    I have many wonders this hour for the CQG Integrated Client Platform.

    So, i have create some Questions.

    If someone, have experience on them, please reply to them...

    Here are the Questions:

    1) If Stop the CQG Integrated Client Platform,

    because of something (for example, caught in Internet Connection),

    to receive Live Quotes,

    the CQG Integrated Client Platform have ability to make an automatic move/s for to receive Live Quotes again ?

    2) If comes back the Live Quotes, then the missing back Live Quotes will comes back automatically ?

    (This play role in the Custom Formulas that have create someone to do not lose their continuity.)

    3) The CQG Integrated Client Platform have automatic ability to check by it Self,

    possible missing back Live Quotes when works without any problem and to add it in the Platform automatically ?

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  2. yshterk


    Hi George, please see below:

  3. So, what is CQG doing in order to improve data flow rate ? When I used CQG´s services in a Southern European country it took 900 ms to get data from servers in the UK....

    Not funny at all !
  4. yshterk


    I assume you connected to CQG over the internet. Have you asked this question of latency of your Internet provider? CQG has data servers that send data into Internet in London, how long it takes for you to receive it depends almost exclusevely on your Internet connection speed and quality.