CQG Indicator Programming

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by bathrobe, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. bathrobe


    I am trying to program indicators into CQG, however everytime I try I recieve an error message.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of info on this. TIA
  2. bathrobe


    Also trying to set up alerts on slow stoch etc.

    I have no programming backround.

  3. Aok


    Call customer service. They will help you initially with syntax. Thats one of the reasons you pay $$$ for CQG. Excellent customer service.

    They can also refer you to coders if your needs are extensive.
  4. CQG support is great. I usually ask to speak with Joe since he's very knowledgable and helpful. He also isn't a bad trader! (at least on the sim...haha) I was at CQG's office in Chicago recently to look at a demo of CQG IC 7.0 and CQG Trader 3.0.

    The good thing is they'll be (finally) offering automated bracket orders. They'll also be adding this feature on IC that allows you to trade from a spreadsheet of sorts within the platform.

    Anyhow, call CQG support. They're great.

  5. efutures


    CQG's customer support is great. They're responsive and always have a team of programmers on hand. They even built us an add on so we can plot weighted FOB, NOB, TUF, and TUT spreads. Give them a call they will definately help you out.