CQG desktop issues ( futures spreads and general

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by traderjo, Apr 26, 2021.

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    Any CQG Desktop user on ET ( futures and Futures Spreads)
    Here are some problems I am facing and was wondering if anybody else has any ideas
    - If I get filled on a futures spread the CQG does show the spread value and then individual contracts as legs That is understood ... however moving on CQG does only show live p/L of each legs NOT p/L of the Exchange traded spread!
    See two screen shots below
    The live P/L of individual leg on CQG Desktop is set to be shown as Last Traded.. initial it was set as BID/ASK and specially at the end of the trading day it showed crazy P/L which did not MATCH WITH THE P/L on the DOM of the spread
    So hard to know what LIVE P/L is there
    - CQG Desktop does not show comms or fees so it is hard to see a real picture of the account, Broker account statement is only once a day and once a month so in the middle of the day I have to manually calculate
    DOm I had soled 5x spread at -0.5
    So I fI have to close the position as a spread it will be BUY @-0.5 so Overall Profit or loss = 0 ( ignoring comms)
    However as you can see in screen shot 2
    The individual leg p/L is $175 profit!

  2. traderjo


    I have a feeling that the $175 is false on legs because there is a * next to the V contract which say says Last traded price is not available price calculated based on yesterday's settlement
  3. Overnight


    So manually calculate it in your head. What is the big deal? Sheesh.

    Here are my current open positions. I know my performance bond requirements, how much I have in my account, and know how much things would have to go bad for panic mode...



    Besides, you seem to be in an actual exchange-traded spread? Hard to over-lever those because of the margin discounts you get.
  4. traderjo


    Yes it is a Exchange traded spread ... and I was expecting a good platform like CQG should be able to show spreads own p/l! I dont think it is unreasonable expectation !
    Sure it trades as a spread when opening and closing no problem there
  5. bone

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    Is this a live account or a demo account ?

  6. traderjo


    Live, and the platform is CQG desktop and not CQG Q trader or certainly not CQG IC..
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  7. minmike


    How would you like it to display? The legs can have stale quotes if they are less liquid. Exchange supported spread pl is probably the more accurate.
  8. traderjo


    The spread has it's own book so the platform shodul simply show P/L of the spread ! just like any other instrument!
  9. bone

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    Yeah, that's complete horseshit and I agree with you. Call CQG Tech Support and your FCM. It's one of the two.

  10. traderjo


    CQG says that feature is not available on CQG Desktop...
    CQQ says use Q tarder but that is 3 times cost of Desktop and does not do multiple charts!
    and the FCM says talk to CQG!

    by the way for any instrument to look at real time p/l is it better to set it to LTP or Bid Ask?( now I am talking about just the Futures contracts not the spread)
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