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  1. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Anyone else seeing a high of 3917 on the ES even though the high is printed at 3911.25? Or is this a NY7 issue? Unusual since the CQG feed has been most reliable...
  2. Overnight


    Yeah, I also see it on my end on CQG. I didn't have an ES chart up to notice the graphing of it, but you can see by the green and red boxes that ES March had a "glitch".

    The NQ yellow box (and the June contracts) shows the micros and minis matching just fine.

    oddES-MEShighprint for Big AAPL.JPG
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  3. I saw the same thing. I am seeing such a thing for the first time. Not sure whether they are the real values or there is some error.
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    Check cme website. Probably slight difference in actual trades.