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  1. Hi,

    Does anybody have experience with these guys in term of using their historical intraday data?

    Im looking at getting some to use with Ami as IQ data only has 2 years for US equities.


  2. My experience with them was that the data were extremely clean.

    I looked into getting the RT feed into Amibroker via the plug-in Tomasz has written but I found out that I have to buy the full blown $695 Pro package, as the data-only package does not include access to the API. I assume you are just buying bulk historical data from them.

    I wouldn't worry about the quality with CQG. There is no comparison between a company like DTN or eSignal and CQG.
  3. I really appreciate your reponse.
    I will give them a call tomorrow and let you know.
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    With DTN, I think you're referring to IQFeed? DTN also offers NxCore historical data, which I think is far more comprehensive than what CQG offers, but is more expensive as you're buying data for entire markets at once. Similarly, I think Thomson Reuters will give you possibly more comprehensive historical info, but at an even greater price. (Not to denigrate CQG in any way -- I think they're excellent for what they do.)
  5. TraderNik,

    Did you edit your reply?!
    (It just seems different now to when I initially read it).

    The reason Im going for IQ Feed as my RT datafeed is because Iv heard good things about them and they are well supported by Ami.

    I cant see any mention of CQG here:

    So Im basically looking solely for something for bulk historical data. Though it would be nice to get both from the same source. But as you said that would mean $695 + the already hefty cost of the data (several thousand).

    Also, would the backfill from I.B. alone go back 2 years for 1-min data on equities?

    Even though its slow (http://www.amibroker.com/ib.html), it could save me alot of money but of course quality is important to a reasonable extent.

    I'd be keen to get some more feedback.

    But thanks so far guys.
  6. I am now trying to compare these two... Is there any quantitative data which supports the claim?

    Not sarcastic just really need to know :)
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    IQFeed has less than 3 years of stock and futures data and forex data goes back to 2005. If you are only interested in stocks, there are other less-expensive data providers like Kibot and Pi-Trading.