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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rollsafe, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. rollsafe



    Currently using CQG

    I need to write/incorporate a custom study on CQG
    I need to find a programmer/freelancer who can do this for me

    Where would I look to find a programmer to help me write the study at CQG ?

  2. MarkBrown


    no they cant do it you have to turn your $hit over to brian bell a x employee of cqg making a fortune as the only person allowed to hook into their program. ask for becky over there and remind her that this is why mark brown doesnt use cqg! been going on now for many many years, their so hard headed.

    the best thing is to just use tt pro and hook into their feed then have your own stuff programmed by someone who is your guy.

    or better yet using tradestation i have a free utility i can give you which allows tt data to run tradestation then anyone and maybe you can program your stuff in that. mb
  3. beggar


    Hey rollsafe, if you call CQG tech support they can help you write your study or even do it for you. I have done around 7 custom studies with CQG and I could not have done it without them. Since you are probably paying alot for the software, you may as well harrass them like I do. I am sure they are tired of me by now, but who cares. lol

    The Beggar
  4. Haha God I love it!
  5. Hmmm, I've considered that option to lighten this work-load since I'm a hashing retard but was afraid it might be hit or miss.

    Has your experience been favorable, if at all?
  6. rollsafe


    I performed a search for Brian Bell and Custom Trading solutions

    The results show this article:

    The link to Brian's page no longer works !
    Has he gone out of business ?
    Does anyone have any access to contact info for Brian Bell

  7. MarkBrown



    thy this i refuse to be an accomplice to what i know will be a train wreck. if that dont work call cqg i'm positive they "becky" can tell you all about how easy it is to do what you want. why you can do anything with cqg "if" your brian bell.