CQG Charges for delayed data

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  1. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard this. Its $5.00 for delayed data, so if you want delayed data on the Nasdaq its $5.00 to make it real time add $1.00 for a total of $6.00.

    So for NYSE NASDAQ AMEX its $18.00 for realtime data.

    I have always got delayed data for free, and just paid $1.00 for realtime US equity data.

    Now I ask what are you paying for when you sign up for CQG basic service for $395.00.
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    They are on a 80's model of charging a luxury price for a luxury product. Probably for the same reason trader's books are twice the price of regular books. I guess we are all rich and can afford what it takes.
  3. Its called GREED! The exchanges provide delayed data for free.
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    I agree that pricing is on the high end for CQG, BUT....

    If you want a stable platform, with high quality / long term history and good customer service.... you do not have much choice. (And they know that)

    Of course I'm biased as a CQG user, but I've used several other sources before I joined my current firm. And I can say that I always had issues, when I used Quote.Com (when I started), eSignal, IQFeed etc.
    Of course no data provider is perfect, but I have to say that CQG comes pretty close, even for the price they charge.

    And it's also good to know that most 'respected firms' use CQG, or better.... That should tell you something. (Aside from the fact that CQG is easy to share between different traders :D )

  5. I agree CQG has clean data, I have also seen data issues with CQG as well as every other data vendor. When the exchange has problems it is passed on to all who are receiving that data CQG will suffer right along with everyone else.

    My issue is the fee or extra charge for everything. You have to ask what do I get for $395.00 for their basic pkg?

    To plot anything is extra. Delayed data is free from the exchange. Delayed data is $5.00 extra for every exchange with CQG.

    If they thought they might get away with it they would charge to chage the background color of a chart.
  6. Have they always charged for delayed data? I see the at the bottom of the second page it was revised in Feb 06.