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  1. rollsafe



    I am looking to use CQG for charts !

    Does anyone know of a trial with data for a week or 2 !

    I need to give CQG a test drive before I decide to go with them.

    Do you know of any trial offers that include CQG charts and data ?

    Do I need to get the data separate or what ?

    What is a good data provider to use with CQG ?

  2. WharfRat


    CQG is a data provider themselves. You should be able to arrange a trial if you contact their sales group (cqg.com).

  3. Aok


    CQG is their own data provider. Unless you go the Reuters or Bloomberg route, they are the most reliably headache free. Fed Days and heavy opens no worries.

    I commend you for seeking out a trial with one of the better data/software analysis companies. You cant really know anything unless you test it.

    That said lets get realistic. CQG charts are good but I dont know too many people who would vote their charting numero uno. Also you pay for the pristine data.

    Expect to pay $5-600/month. Or more depending on your add ons.

    If you're a newbie, or someone with less than 50k trading account CQG is overkill. Other effective software/data for alot less.

    Then again, if you are already a profitable trader and or have money to burn for you own enlightenment CQG is one of the best.

    Good trading.
  4. Just had 2 week trial set up today for CQG. Just give a sales rep. a call and they will set it up......

    PS CQG was very nice to deal with and very polite
  5. cmaxb


    They work with MarketDelta, now. Intrigued about this combination.
  6. synchro


    Frank, can you discuss how CQG charge for their platform and commission? thx.
  7. Synchro,

    I am not sure about the cost of using CQG for order entry....

    Attached is the pricing that I got from them
  8. Couldnt attach the file???

    If anyone would like to know the pricing, just PM me and i will email you the file.
  9. yshterk


    The Order Entry is free with the Integrated Client (Charting product). Unlimited number of exchanges, unlimited number of transactions, unlimited number of fills.
  10. First thing I always do is check Alexa traffic:


    Obviously based in Latvia...
    25-30% of traffic from Eastern Europe.

    Not a bad traffic profile actually...
    But when you click on the "3y" graph...
    You see a big dropoff in traffic.


    A decent option for a ** backup ** data source...
    Together with either Thomson or Reuters.

    I'm actually gonna seriuosly test CQG.
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