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    Does anyone know why the cpu on my Dell laptop is hitting 100% usage every 15 - 20 secs when i'm not using it at all.
    When i start to use it it make a reving noise like a car accelarating

    i've done a printout o the CPU screen

    Any help would be appreciated


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  2. The pic you provide is not very helpful. What you should do instead is click on the Processes tab on the top and then click on the column that says CPU on it. Click on that column again to sort from high to low. The process that should be on top is System Idle Process. Wait for a bit and the program that is eating up all of your CPU cycles will jump to the top. Make a note of the name of that program. I have attached a picture of what you should be looking at so you know.

    Good luck.
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    Thats great will try that out, thanks for uor help

    much appreciated


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    it's the 'system idle process' thats eating up the CPU.

    I have attached a copy of it.

    When the 'system idle process' hit's 0 in the CPU column the CPU usage jumps to 100%.

    How can i fix this?

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  5. If you have a revolver, of .32 caliber or less (a .25 would do just as well), point it at the case and fire several times.. That should fix the problem. Permanently

    Good luck
  6. the word idle ..... what does it mean ? thats right.
    So putting the two together .... if the system is zero percent idle that means all the process threads are reporting cpu usage and thus the cpu should be near or at 100%.

    if you see your system consistenly hitting 100% usage for extended periods then you either have a problem - driver conflict, or softwar econflict - or you have a program using all your resources and need to upgrade either memory or disk space (swap) etc....
  7. You could try uninstalling one program at a time. Maybe it's caused by an application even though it's not showing in Processes.

    If that fails, reinstall your OS. If that fails, look to hardware. (Or you could remove what hardware you can before going to the bother of redoing your OS.) Regardless, you want to try the least troublesome things first.
  8. Ignore the System Idle Process. That process is there to show how much CPU time is available. Look for what comes beneath it that is using a majority of your CPU cycles. You should be able to find one program that is jumping from say 2% to say 95% and then back to 2%. In your attachment, you scrolled all the way to the bottom of that window and then took your snapshot. This isn't helpful because we want to see what is at the top of the sort list not the bottom. Try it again. This time, wait for CPU Usage to reach 100% and take a snapshot of the top few lines on that window and post them. We can then pinpoint the problem.

    Take care.
  9. Half of dozen solid kicks in the front does the trick too. Watch out for sheetrock damage.