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  1. greydeath,

    What I was suggesting really isn't all that dangerous, even for inexperienced computer users. It's not difficult to open up a computer case and just look at the cooling fan for a CPU to see if it's still spinning. It also doesn't require changing or tweaking any parameters to go into the BIOS and look at the current CPU temperature (if the motherboard supports temp readings). I don't know that the CPU itself is necessarily the problem, just that it's one more thing to at least check which can then be ruled out.

    My other suggestion was thinking along the lines of finding out which if any program was the resource pig and closing down any unnecessary programs running in the background to free up processing and memory power. If it's the Hold Bros. software itself that's causing a strain, the best thing to do if Cacheman doesn't help is to close any non-essential programs when running it.
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  2. Klaorman



    Which functions of Graybox are working on your 2nd computer that weren't working on your 1st computer? Maybe I can get more functions working by reinstalling or installing on a 2nd computer. Thanks.
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  3. mjt



    There are certain pulldown menu functions that don't work. I drag the mouse over, and they don't even highlight. It's not all of them, it's just some.

    For example, when I go to setup to configure my defaults for smart orders, swipes, etc. I can't highlight any of those. What's interesting is it messes with other programs running at the same time. I had Redi Plus running on the same computer, and some of the pulldown menus don't work either.
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    I've had this same setup for quite a few months, and never had any problems until Graybox.

    I've tried running Graybox all by itself and still have problems. There are, however, several things running under 'processes' (not applications) in my task manager. None of them appear to be a resource hogs. Can I end any of these tasks to see if there's a problem? Or is that too dangerous? This was the first thing that Hold Brothers had me check.
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  5. mjt



    I have my machine opened up and running. There is a fan in there about 4" in diameter. Is that my CPU fan? It's not running. Could that actually be the problem?

    I honestly don't know how to check the BIOS settings you mentioned.
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  6. tntneo

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    all fans should be running.
    If not replace them.
    In best case it slows down your computer, in worst case it crashes.

    I am not convinced it is the CPU usage issue, but it MUST be fixed, that's for sure.
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  7. mjt,

    As tntneo said, any fans in your computer should be running when the computer is on. If the fan is 4" in diameter, it's most likely not your CPU fan, but a case fan, which nonetheless is important in keeping all the components cool. Your CPU fan is usually a smaller fan mounted directly on top of your CPU itself.

    As far as checking in the BIOS, usually you can enter your BIOS as the computer is booting up by pressing DEL or one of the function keys (depending on what kind of BIOS the motherboard uses--it should say which key to hit on the opening bootup screen). However, if you say that everything has been working fine until Graybox, I would say that you don't need to bother with this step.

    You also shouldn't mess with any of the processes that are running, just the applications. If Graybox is the only application that is running and you still have problems (and assuming that running any other programs still works fine), my next guess would be that it's possible that the software itself doesn't work well with the kind of CPU and/or motherboard chipset you have. It sounds crazy, but I know of a few pieces of software (Digidesign's Pro Tools is definitely one) that only operate smoothly with certain chipsets. For instance, Pro Tools won't work right with VIA or ALi chipsets, mainly Intel only, and it also has problems with AMD CPU's. You should ask Hold Bros. what, if any motherboard/CPU specs they normally use on their computers to run the software. Just another thought.
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  8. mjt,
    A 4 in. fan is most likely the case fan. Is it on the case or on the chip board?
    Sometimes on a pc the case fan is temperature controlled and wont turn on unless you PC gets too hot. That's the 'case' with mine; and, I wouldn't get too worried yet if it's not running, particularly if the case is open.

    As others have mentioned, your problem points to Hold's software, especially if all the other programs run fine. Talk to them and get the specs on pc requirements.
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