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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanack, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. alanack


    I've been trying to figure out a problem with excessive cpu usage with my P4, with 2 monitors. I'd like to ask all similar users a question... How much cpu usage do you typically see(30%, 50%, etc.) when bringing up 6, 8 or more charts on two or three monitors? Is response time slowed noticeably when accessing the internet when these charts are up? Thanks.

  2. Sittas


    I have a 4 mon setup with a amd athlon 1.8 with 512 mb

    With charts running i have about 4% cpu usage.

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  3. To give you a radical comparison, I just loaded a workspace on an older Pentium II 400 MHz machine with dual monitors - with nine charts (each with scrolling T&S and multiple technical studies), four action maps, eight market scanners, two trend channel scanners, and three Gann Frame scanners it's only running at about 20-25% CPU.

    On the P4 it's only 3-5%.

    What operating system are you using? How much RAM do you have? What software are you using?
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    Max Pain

  5. destined


    how exactly do you check cpu usage?

    just curious.
  6. gnome


    Cntrl + alt + del/Task Manager/Performance :D
  7. alanack


    I am using XP home, 896 Mb ram. Software providers are MBTrading for trades, DTNIQ for quotes.
  8. gnome


    Your excess CPU usage is probably due to an application. Hardware won't chew up your CPU unless perhaps you have incompatible chipset/video. :D
  9. alanack


    Could you be more specific? I've used different versions of MBTrading's software, also different versions of DTNiq's software. I have been told sometimes something will be running in the background that is hard to locate. But I've done a complete system restore, tons of other thing to try to locate this problem, and it seems pretty consistent no matter what. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  10. gnome


    Do a minimal load-up. Then add one application at a time and keep checking Task Manager to see which one is gobbling up your CPU... the culprit should be obvious. (Couple of years back I loaded up a cool emini app. Problem was that it ran only about 40 minutes before overloading my W98 resources and I had to reboot. Needless to say, couldn't run it for trading.)
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