cpu usage at 100% ???

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    i have had considerable slow down with my computer because most of the time its near 100%.

    i have a p4 2.66 with 1gig ram on 4 screens

    i normally have

    --IB's tws -booktrader and quote sheets about 95 data lines
    --- Qt with 15 charts tape and L2 boxes
    -- fidelity ATP with 40 data lines and L2 box
    --- 2 web pages

    any suggestions to why this is happening i have over 1.5 gigs in my hard drive remaining.


  2. Have you checked Task Manager to see which programs are utilizing the CPU the most? In case you didn't already know it, right click the task bar at the bottom of the screen and select Task Manager.
  3. Yes, almost certainly software trouble. Have you recently added an application or installed an update to one?
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    well i just checked with system files are creating the mor cpu usage and it appears that it is 2 process...

    -- the main one is system idle process taking about 8)% :confused: so what does that me
  5. you wouldn't happen to have Excel open with cells taking in trade data thru dde would you? That could slow your system.

    Another possibility is your automated trading system taking in last prices or level 1 data coming in that requires extra processing.
  6. I have the same problem.
    AMD xp 2600
    1gig ram

    When i open a bunch of programs its at 50% or so, but when I try to close programs, or open something like QT, its up around 100%?

    I am thinking of getting a new CPU, but still I am sure it should not do this.

    When I open internet, it jumps to 47%...Normal?

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    no automated system yet on my comp? and not running any DDE links. :confused:
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    the worst thing is the t&s data slows down compared to IB form QT and my Qt charts are all messed up and about 15 minutes behind if my cpu read 100%
  9. IB uses Java....
    It made my machine run horribly slow as well.

    Close all other tasks that are not needed.

    Run MSConfig on the run menu and go to the startup tab and disable all tasks not required to be running from starting up, I had a bunch of crap that didn't need to be run, like autoupdate programs and such.

    Otherwise, it's Java, tell IB to build a Win32 Application and make it available or something.
  10. "TWS can be run from Windows, Mac OS (9 and X), Linux, and Solaris."

    But the fact it can run on Linux entices me.

    Anyone here have Linux that can demo the IB TWS on their system and compare it to Windows?
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