CPU time & background apps. (Win.)

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  1. 'Anyone sick of those annoying [utility] programs that seem to start & stop whenever they please? "Services & Controller" and "Spooler" (Win2K) are two apps. that come to mind.

    I have written a routine that processes level 2 data from multiple symbols. The last thing I need is one of Bill's housekeeping programs to start cutting in to my processor time.

    Should I be concerned about these background apps., and if so, is there a way to disable them, or at least de-prioritize them? I know I could 'end' them through "Task Manager" but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot.

  2. what u mean shootin' uself in the foot...u just force quit the processes from tm that arent of any use to u before u start runnin' your software, innit. they will be active once again every time u switch off-on u pc.
  3. Ok, to be a little more honest - I don't happen to know which background processes (if any) should remain runnin'...Hence the correlation between process neglegence and foot shootin.

  4. as i told u, even if u kill em all, nothin will happen to your pc, and if somethin' doesnt work u just restart your pc and everythin' will be up'n'runnin' again.
    usually if a process is vital a pop up comes out tellin' u that force quittin' it will log u out, so u should know what to do.
  5. pull yourself out of the sh*t:

  6. Yes there are several way to shut down the crap running in the background on 2K. The simplist is to google a free program called Startup Manager. With it you'll be able to keep all the non essential non windows aps from running on start up. Stuff like QuickTime and MS Messenger can all be made to to run in the background. Next step is to go to Start>control panel>admin tools>services. Read each service that is running ... especially those that say automatic. Disable the obvious crap. It would pay to take and store a screenshot of all the settings first so you can go back if something starts acting strange. Do a search for Windows 2000 tweaks and you'll find lists of services that can be disabled without problem. Same advise applies to XP.
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    Are there any Technical Analysis programs for Linux yet???

    I agree Suse rocks.