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    Just installed PC Wizard, to check the temp of my Pentium 4 (521, 2.8 MHz). It reads 60 C at 5% usage, and didn't bump up even a degree when running AVG, which pretty much keeps usage pegged at 100%. Shouldn't the 100% usage have raised the temp some, or is there more to putting the cpu under a load than simply this number? Or is it possible this is not an accurate reading? It hasn't varied by even a degree, either way, so I'm wondering if it's working. Other readings, such as load and MHz, are apparently working fine. Thanks.

  2. Not 100% sure, but here's my understanding....

    1. Sensor may not be functional... do you get a constant 60C reading... that is, no "high, low, current" variation... just "60F all the time"? If so... and the fact that it appears to be "stuck" on 60C, may have no meaning whatsoever.

    2. Sensor may be functioning properly but designed to not respond to temperatures below a certain minimal threshold. Sensors are not designed to be "thermometers"... rather to "kick in" when temp becomes critical.. which may be well above 60C in your case.
  3. Common temp range for your pentium is 55 C - 65 C at 80% load, assuming your cpu fan is operating under normal settings. AVG will not raise it past that. Next question..................
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    Just a constant 60 degrees C. Of course, I could start up the machine from a cold state and see what kind of reading I get, but won't do that until the markets close. Based on posts of people with similar chips, this program should keep me posted of any changes in the temp. But you may be right, it may be that the sensor itself is not functioning. I was thinking along the lines of a problem with the monitoring software. Thanks.
  5. I notice that none of my 4-cores ever shows a change until I run a stress test. Once the temp his 45C, they indicate temperature changes.

    Yours may be similar... requiring temps be >60C to indicate.
  6. I have a quad Core2 Extreme DDR3 system and the cpu temp fluctuates a few degrees as usage goes up a few percent. On a stress test it will jump about 15 degrees C to around 58 which is wel within spec.

    I'm surprised nobody is questioning why AVG is causing a cpu to spike to 100%. That sounds to me like something's wrong.

    And for a cpu temp to remain constant at the levels he's speaking of does not sound right, even though the temp he's saying is probably fine. I think I'd run Speedfan on there just to see a comparison; it's free and freely available. I think cnet has it. A good stress test is Prime95 which is also free.
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    I did install Speedfan after this post, and it appears to be showing the cpu temp accurately, as all values are bouncing around a bit. I'm not positive which value is the cpu core, but I assume it is the hottest temp among the bunch. As to AVG pegging the usage to 100%, that's just when I do a system scan, not when it's running in the background. Thanks.

  8. That seems warm to me. Using Speedfan I have never seen my 3.0 P4 go over 40C no matter how many applications were running and it usually runs 32-35C with my house thermostat set on 76F.
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    you may have variable speed fan with settings to keep CPU @ that temperature.
    here is temps table-

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    I would suggest you check to see if the BIOS settings give you any temperature readings for comparison.
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