cpu always at 50% minimum

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  1. Recently I bought the newest model Acer laptop, vista, duo core, McAfee security pack free trial.

    The annoying thing is, it always seems slow and the task manager is indicating a cpu usage of 50% minimum, all the time, even if the laptop is sitting there idle.

    Yet, in the processes tab of the task manager, with all users selected, it doesn´t show which process should be responsible for this.

    I don´t know how to solve this, anyone has an idea?

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    Sounds like one of the two cores is being maxed out by some wayward program....strange that nothing shows up in the process list...are you sure you checked the whole list or sorted by cpu usage?
  3. Try uninstalling MacAfee, or however it's spelled?
    I have found many over-the-counter anti-v software to be major gas hogs.
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    Its gotta be McAfee. That antivirus program loves to make a cpu work hard. You can probably turn it off if you are just connnected to your broker conducting trades, with out any messengers like yahoo or aol in the background. But if you go on the net for any reason you should turn the McAfee back on first.
  5. yes, sorted by cpu usage. actually i am thinking it may be that the virus scanner is scanning, or defrag manager defragging without notifying.
  6. I will try it, thanks.
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  8. The problem is also Vista. Lots of CPU usage for nothing.
  9. Getting rid of McAfee did the trick, thanks for the replies.
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    That's far from truth.

    VISTA cache and index a lot of stuff.

    p.s. this is not an endorsement for VISTA.
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