Cpu 100%?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sharp10, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. volente_00


    What % of the hard drive is full ?
    #61     Nov 10, 2006
  2. sharp10


    what I have done lately I have loaded a bunch of charts for each page.
    I divide pages based on financials, grains, meats...you get the point.

    At this time every page contains anywhere from 6 to 12 charts.
    Perhaps it's just too much for my comp.

    I figured it might be better to have many more pages with less charts in it.
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  3. gnome


    Sounds like you have a LOT of real-time charts open at once.

    Often, RAM and Resources usage will drop when you minimize a page and/or charts. Try minimizing and see if that helps.
    #63     Nov 10, 2006
  4. not only should u be concerned about the number of charts open but the amount of studies in each chart.

    I've had diff charting systems past couple of years and in most of them it recalcs the values every time a tick arrives. So if you have one chart open that calculates 50 day MA, every time a ticker gets a new print, it gets the last 50 bars and recalcs. Compound that by the number of charts open, indicators such as RSI, MA,etc and it adds up.
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  5. gnome


    Maybe this problem is a blessing in disguise... perhaps it's telling you to SIMPLIFY... K.I.S.S.

    Years ago, I was told by a veteran trader... "Simply your trading until you can't see how it can be simplified any further. Then, simplify again."
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  6. sharp10


    I don't have many studies, if hardly anything on them, I just think I have too many charts open.

    I guess I would be better off just recalling them anytime i need to look at them.

    Volente only 13% of my hard drive is full.

    Thanks to all.
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  7. gnome


    Well, at least now you know where to look...
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  8. sharp10


    Hey guys,
    I was doing another scanning with McAfee and has found this trojan: Puper.dll

    I tried to clean it, quaratine it but it won't do it.
    Not sure if it is harmful or part of some app. I have.
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  9. gnome


    Google it. Looks like a spot of bother.
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  10. sharp10


    Thanks, found 2 more. Google them and I get directed to Mcafee site. They don't seem to be high risk.
    Hopefully I"ll e able to get rid of them.

    They're more like Ad type of trojan where an icon appears and tells you that you have a virus and you get directed to their website so they can sell you their software.
    #70     Nov 10, 2006