Cpu 100%?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sharp10, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Actually I suspect they came from financial sites; I get a huge amount of associated spam as well.

    I'm much more careful about what links I click these days....but the spam continues.
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  2. ceniman


    cbg.exe seems to be the problem.

    Can you locate the file and tell us the folder path name of where it is located.

    I don't have it on my system.

    Hopefully, by the path name we could determine whether it's good and evil.
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  3. Hi,

    I just read the first post of this thread and have no time to read all the other posts, maybe some have already mentioned it, but from what you've said I beleive you have a virus on your system if cpu is at 100% and you cannot determine a geniune application is using it.

    I also saw couple of lines of Norton/Mcfee breezing through the posts. I recommend niether. they're not great and slow your computer down.

    I highly recommend Nod32. I use it, and it's the best anti-virus there is in my view. it is extremely small and does not slow your computer at all. I'ved used others and in my view it is the best.

    nod32: http://www.eset.com
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  4. sharp10


    found CBG.exe and that is not the problem. That's just the program i used for the snapshot. Thanks for looking it up.
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  5. I just checked the 2 snapshots uve put up in the previous post. I don't see any problem there. all processes are normal and i don't see the cpu running at 100%.

    u still have a problem?
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  6. sharp10


    Hi Batman,
    Yes, it just spiked at 100%. But I think you still might be right. MY charting software gets most of the CPU resource.
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  7. if it only spikes to 100%, then that is perfectly normal. if it remains above 80% consistantly to the point that it freezes your computer (esp. when charting software is off) then you certainly have a virus. but I can't see anything suspecious in ur processes.
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  8. sharp10


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  9. You could have a trial with an anti root kit tool:


    Do not trust completely on Spybot or Ad-aware....
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  10. sharp10


    Thanks Bernard.

    Also I am thinking about upgrading some memory, basically going to the max allowed for my system.

    Any brand or type in particular?

    Thanks to all for the inputs.
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