Cpu 100%?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sharp10, Nov 9, 2006.

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    Find it in processes, shut it down and then clean out your temp folders; try to locate and uncheck that spyware in configuration utility/startup (see other post). If you are
    careful you can mannually remove it by following the directory path.
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    Here is a trick for spyware and trojan removal. Turn off system restore in XP. Boot the pc in safe mode and run your virus scan, then adaware, and then spybot. Reboot and turn system restore back on. The problem with a lot of trojans is they get in the restore files and are hard to clean from there so you must turn it off before running the programs.
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  3. Lavasoft found 1 trojan on my computer, but didn't find the last one I had--that was caught by SpyBot (highly recommended, not just by me). I also use SpywareBlaster as a guard. Plus a standard antivirus program. And I run Hijackthis periodically just to see if anything looks suspicious.

    The point is, you may need to run lots of them to find the problem.
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    If you want, maximize the process window and then take a screen shot and post in here and I am sure one of us can tell you which one the spyware trogjan is.
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    Stop looking at porn sites and you won't have any problems.

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    java scripts will use alot of resources from your computer. You can turn it off if you don't need it to run any relating applications such as java charts, or popup ads...
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    Volente, how do I take a snapshot?
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  9. To me the easiest way to avoid these problems is to make disc images every week. If you get a virus on your PC just restore the last image and everything is solved.

    The only problem you have than is that you lost everything between the last image and the actual data. But if you put the software on the C drive and the data on the D drive most of the changes will still be available and not lost, because most of the changes are data.

    Of course that doesn't solve your actual problem, but it is something to think about for the future. And you never have the problem that you cannot remove the trojan or whatsoever with your virusscanners. The image overwrites everything so nothing of the virus will be left on the PC. Much better than a virusscanner.

    Keep several consecutive images so that you can restore an older one in case there would be a virus that wasn't active but alreay on your PC for a longer time, and so maybe in a previous image..
    And if you install from scratch, make an image from the clean system just after you installed everything. Can be useful to do a cleanup.
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  10. But perhaps he will have other problems.:)

    How do you know that these viruses come from pornsites? By experience?:)
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