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  1. CPN forming a nice base.

    Initial target 6.00

  2. i hope that you are not thinking about buying, If yes, why ? Just for the record, I would not buy it based on this chart.
  3. cdbern


    even though the overall trend is down, I see greater volume in buyers than sellers. What are you looking for to happen??
  4. Long term chart of CPN:
  5. I got long yesterday at 4.97, and thought about securing some profits, but held overnight.

    Pre-market trading was under 5 bucks, so I put in a limit order to sell at 5.05.

    Got a very lucky fill at 5.15 area, so I am flat for now.

    I want to watch how we hold the 5 dollar area. I maintain a positive stance on the chart, and think if we take out yesterday's high we move up.

    Good luck with your trades!
  6. I had a sell signal( short term) at that time which got amplified by a strong closing. Plot 100ema on 10 day 10 min chart. This is a filter#1.
  7. CPN currently trading 5.54.

    Went long DYN, trades similar to CPN.

  8. CPN looks to test 6.33 area, chart looks positive...