CPI report...whoopitidoo

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Count down on CNBC...lol

    Watch this number be manipulated to pump the market up.
  2. The numbers were REAL...OMG, Inflation is real.
  3. .3 and .4, short away.
  4. this market is setting itself up for a huge sell off.
  5. Ben must inflate!! Like Greenspan before him, he must inflate!!

    In the Great Depression the Fed contracted money supply.
    Made things cheaper to buy for those with real wealth.

    Now he must devalue your money since he can't do the same thing twice.
    Makes things cheaper to buy for those with real wealth.

    Bend over and shut up!
  6. LOL...being a "perma-bear" over the last few months, I'm now concerned that too many traders are saying "time to short" - makes me nervous when too many people are screaming the same chant.

    Oh well, being market neutral makes everything better, can't have too strong of opinions.

    Don :)
  7. Numbers show high level of inflation = They're real, Numbers show lower level of inflation = They're manipulated

  8. Hi Don,

    Fighting the tide here is getting difficult.
    Sentiment followers are getting smacked down left and right. It seems that the more systems and theories get disseminated to the masses, the more they start to fail.

    Good position at the moment: market neutral.
  9. How about bullish to 1015, neutral from 1015-1115 and bearish from 230-4.
  10. Cannot inflate when the Real average weekly earnings were DOWN -.5%! Gotta love the death spiral, inflation not abating as promised, but wages are falling.

    Hmmm.... prices going up and income coming down........what to do, what to do.
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