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  1. Treasury Direct is already fixed at over 9-percent so that is a hint. I just bought $3200 iBonds and looking to short the market in the light of the new CPI maybe a disappointment.
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    Then enter next week after the CPI data is released.

    don't enter now.
    don't anticipate.
    don't predict.

    soon you will be entering based on the expected results from
    next week oil inventory level,
    next week Natural gas inventory level,
    next month NFP,
    next month Fed meeting minutes,
    next month GDP number ...
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  3. Good point but I am a gambler.
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    Then keep it up.
    There are some professional gamblers who earned tons and tons and tons of money.
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  5. Gauging the market today many are frontrunning this number and it is already known by some(price action). As I said Treasury is paying over 9-percent for at least 6-months.
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    Looks like ABC aka Disney is on the Biden payroll -- no surprise.

    Core inflation was actually higher which is why QQQ barfed so badly. It went from +1% to -3% in 8 hours after the report. I still don't understand the optimism of the NQ traders but I remember how optimistic Wall Street cronies were even after the party was over in March 2000.