Cox addresses illegal short selling aiding market collapse.

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  1. 11:19 ECONX SEC's Cox Comments -Update-

    Recaps the ban on short selling... says illegal activities may have contributed to downfall of markets.

    Also, rumors on briefing trader that Prime brokers initiate a massive buy in of fails at three pm.

    That's the word I got last Thursday. Use Reg sho for prospects, mind your discipline. You'll never get a setup like this again, at least in this life.

    Burn these offshore cocksuckers so they aren't even recongnizable. And get on your hands and knees, because Patrick Byrne has personally pitched all the guys you see on TV, that it's not too late. I won't even tell you what he thinks of Shelby. Too raw (really).
  2. Naked short selling is illegal - but Cox didn't have the balls (pun) to address it.

    Legal short selling is a good thing.
  3. Hes not talking about naked selling you twit.
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    heheehe, you said Cox
  5. Cox is a JOKE. He had to sit there and be bitch slapped by Chwissie Dodd for turning in his written statement later the Hank and Bennie.
  6. I could see this.
  7. Why are those turds we call congressman, so calm and collected.

    They have to be clueless pinheads at core.

    Guess when you've stolen millions and have bank accounts all over the world, you can be that way.
  8. I dont know if they are just holding out for pork, but I feel like Im in a foxhole with a suicide bomber.

    F$%K them.
  9. Listen carefully, my late to party with the shit punchbowl that I, 7, and maybe two others have been enjoying for how long.

    If I'm some llimp dick Senator, Congressman, or even one that dresses like a women, and has a limp dick, and I want to throw the bloodhounds off my trail,

    I would stand up, wag my finger and say, 'throw those hornswaggllin' rascals in the hoosegow."

    Then, you can go back to your constiuents, who are in the street, keep your swiss bank account, and say, " we showed them. Vote for me, again."
    Remember, we don't get all of them. A large percentage will do.
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    flytiger: do you oppose "proper" short selling?
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