Covid Stocks

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  1. Jmuir1970


    Any recommendations on some stocks that will impact froM PPE production or pharmaceutical advancements
  2. deaddog


    How about Funeral Homes for those who don't make it.

    Or Syringe manufacturers for when a vaccine is developed.
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  3. Jmuir1970


    Kodak shot up 3,000% in one day due to the government contract . They are out there
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  4. JSOP


    Nice analysis. Funeral Homes are usually privately owned so not many stock-buying opportunities there. Syringe manufacturers will be a better choice or better the pharmaceutical company(ies) that will be making the actual vaccine and the REIT for the healthcare facilities that will be involved in vaccinating the mass population once the vaccine is available.
  5. Is the lockdown or corona makes our pockets same as an empty glass?
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  6. Jmuir1970


    You are correct
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