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  1. Recently I have seen some posts here as to the truthfulness of traders here of their trading record..

    I recently joined I highly recommend it as it verifies all trades automatically and returns some useful stats on how you are doing. The possibility of charging a fee at some point in the future for your trading ideas sounds interesting also... costs nothing.. except some ego points..<g>

    I think when you are part of a site like Covestor you have some added pressure to trade consistently.. I think it has helped my trading.. So has maintaining a Journal here.

    It is like dieter writing down what they eat all day and everyone sees it..

    I am retire48 there.. I keep raising it!?#

    No affiliation whatsoever with Covestor.
  2. maxpi


    They all have to be sim account traders. Who would give their real brokerage account user name and password?
  3. haha.. this has to be a joke. I need to apply for a membership.
    fk this zhit..

    No serious trader in their right minds would sign up.. not because they can't make some false trades etc.. but, because of the fking time it takes to get it going.

    & I'm sure there is going to be a lot of amateurs trying to prove themselves to each other..
  4. Lucrum


    I haven't even looked at the site but is there so much mistrust in the blotters that someone would feel the need to sign up in the first place?