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    Hi,I looking for some advice. I´am trading(stocks) 8 years,6 years full-time.I´m looking for some additional capital or investor and I am thinking about
    Do you think this is good place to show my real profitability??Or any other place where I will post my real trades and some potentional investor will watch my real result´s?
    I don have any economic education or series 7 or any other exam.I can only show my real results for past 7 years(Interactive Brokers account) and can post my real trades for potentional partner-investor
    Any serious advice is welcome.

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    I would be interested to find out too.

    There seem to be many FX sites that offer porftolio tracking eg Zulu Trade, Currensee and Tradency but no so many for stocks.
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    u can start by trading in a legit prop house. that way, u can show the owners what u are made of.

    u will not find any legit investors investing your unlicensed, lower educated, stock's portfolio.
  4. LOL. I have a graduate degree and series 7, therefore I am in the top 0.0000001% of all people on elitetrader.

    To the OP, go to school and expand your mind. That is the key to the universe. Forget trying to trade, your mind right now is weak. School will give you the tools to become a legend.
  5. God, I had no idea there was more than 1 trillion ET members. :D :D
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    This is a perfect example of a stooodentt who thought it had an education , but left talent and education on graduation day.

    Top 0.0000001%!!. Yes ,you might need to back to basics.
  7. Not sure what you'd be trading, but Covestor is a great site to showcase your talents, and I am an Investment Advisor with them and a Commodity Trading Advisor at the other site I'm going to advise on, too.

    If you're looking for real money results in futures or forex I recommend looking at becoming an advisor on Since you have a track record they might let you go straight into incubation, but basically if futures or forex are more your thing is a good place for that.

    I don't feel like has attracted the type of high net worth clients you might get through other advertising venues, but for ease of use as long as you make your regular trading decisions on both and are great sites to be a part of. is good to attract a following, but as there are over 165 model managers on, there are only 16 advisors trading futures and forex on, which was the original leader/follower account, the is that for interactive brokers.
  8. Haven't heard about Covestor before , is this service similar to Zulutrade but instead of trading forex is for stocks?
  9. I am currently running a model for covestor in the 'trial period' mode. They have to watch your account for 3 months to get an idea of your amount of risk.

    You need $10,000 in an interactive brokers account to get started, fill out some paperwork for covestor and link your account to their master account at IB.

    Pretty simple really.
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    Thank you for all your comments.
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