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  1. Not me. I did have a look at the site and would be VERY careful.

    Anyone claiming 50% annual returns doing nothing but covered calls sounds like a con. Layer onto this the lack of any physical address or bios and I've seen enough.

    I wouldn't let them give me a cookie let alone give them my e-mail address or (perish the thought) money.
  2. Thanks Tempus....

    They claim there results are verifiable albeit only on a $20k account but that interested me!!!!
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    I would be wary of their own beliefs that the results are sustainable, assuming they are even legit.

    If all you had was 20K and you could make 50% a year, what would you rather do? continue to do that indefinitely (do the math) or spend your time getting nickels and dimes from retailers for a system? If I am getting 50% annually from a system, the last thing I want to do is deal with a bunch of customers buying my system - when I could make a million from 20K in under 10 years.

    I guess I am wary of almost anyone selling anything these days.
  4. Its possible that last year , writing CC on some options could have netted that or more , since the market went straight up for the most part, and slowly. Of course, a simple buy and hold would have made as much trading the same stocks. CC is the same as selling puts. Don't let them tell you differently , or try to baffle you with bs.
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    Don't be so down on this idea -- it's quite plausible and works very well in 'tempered' markets.

    On average, if you are truly patient and follow a good system, you should net 50-100%/year doing a calendar spread on minimal effort (3-4 trades per month depending on the weekly action). Covered calls do well, too but spreads are a bit nicer because you juice your leverage by taking long calls vs. long stock.

    So, why would someone bother running a business doing this? Because it takes minimal effort to juice their own return AND, the bad thing to spreads, the occasional massive drawdown. This helps them through the rough times.

    I don't know this firm but it's a completely valid strategy.
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    I'm not down on the idea. CC's and Calendars are great ways to make $$$. I'm down on paying upwards of $800 a year for something that anyone could learn from a $30 McMillan book.

    I think the first good trading decision some people can make is to stop buying fish and learn to fish for themselves.
  7. Thats the course KTM it is a method of teaching to do for yourself if you are so inclined.

    If you would just like access to their CC candidates well you can have that for the monthly fee too.

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    I am still trying to figure out why thier performance charts are such a selective time period;
    & such a short time period??????????????????????????????
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    Wonder why thier performance charts are so selective;
    & why they arent longer?????????????????????/
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