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Discussion in 'Options' started by dannentl, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. dannentl


    anyone subscribe to good CC search engine? I was subscribing to Investools, but wanted to buys stocks i like then sell the CC and their search engine in my opinion gave me lots of smaller volumn equities. what i want is a way to search for premiums on blue chips and etf's.
  2. The term 'good' must be qualified here. But in any case, if you are looking for a fairly useful stock/option screener, you might want to look into ValueLine. Subscription to their daily option is very cheap-- for example fidelity costumer will pay about $6 per month through fidelity. Take a look at:

    also, you might want to join the yahoo group as your SUPPORT group for CC. In any case--remember that the CC business is just as 'risky' as selling puts.

  3. Dan,

    You do not need a search tool. You only want stocks you like? Good. How big can that list be?

    Look at your stocks. Pick an entry point, if you use technical analysis - and when the stock reaches the right price level, do the covered call - or sell the cash-secured naked put instead.

    If you don't use a pre-determined entry point, then start with one stock and pick a good (good varies by the investor and his/her objectives) call to write.

    As time passes, do another and another. In other words, don't go all in at once.

    But be aware, this is a bullish strategy and you will not be happy if the market declines.

  4. The CC business <i>is</i> selling puts