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Discussion in 'Options' started by MaxLD, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. MaxLD


    The simple covered call is one of my favorite trading strategies. Working with only one or two range bound securities has worked out very well for me in the past. I'm interested in finding other, perhaps better suited covered write candidates.

    Certain websites offer screening tools and actual stock "best bet" recommendations for covered calls, divided into different risk subscription, of course. Does anyone here use such a service and what has been your experience?

  2. StasDesy


    I used to sell puts which is similar to what you do.
    A few years ago I tried they were ok in the uptrending market and in sideways. When things turned bearish they had a few misses.
    This was expected really, I quit using them as I can do better myself.
    I use to find stocks according to technical criteria and then trade them using verticals or naked as I hate directional trading.
  3. MaxLD


    Funny you should mention Call Writer. That was one of the choices I had in mind. I will look into your recommendation. Thanks for your reply.

    Good Trades...
  4. How do you like stockfetcher?