Coverage Initiated On Yahoo- Strong Buy, Target=$30

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by eagle488, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. I have initiated coverage on Yahoo and believe that it will be at 30 dollars in six months. The stock has not been this low since the early part of 2004. P/E looks very attractive at these levels and it appears Yahoo is fighting back against Google. My prediction is that this is now the bottom. My rating is strong buy at this time and todays closing price is $24.15. Too much bearishness floating on Yahoo and oversold at this time.

    Here are my other stocks that I am covering:

    Western Digital
    Analyst issued "sell" rating on it on the 16th. On that day, the stock went up. The financials are picture perfect. The P/E is at 9.94. No debt. I give a price target of 20 bucks in six months. Initiated coverage "Buy" - Price when coverage initiated: $17.87

    Legg Mason
    Stock is being traded on fear and not fundamentals. Price target for 100 next 6 months. Initiated coverage "Buy" - Price when coverage initiated: $86.25

    Another stock being traded on fear and not fundamentals.

    Bottomline is that there is too much fear in the market and not fundamentals. The beaten down issues should recover in the next 6 months. Initiated coverage: "Buy", Price when coverage initiated: $16.25.

    Great microcap hyper growth company. Very bullish on its prospects. Will wait until after conference call for further guidance. At this time, I say to put it on your screen and monitor until after the call.
  2. Are you an analyst for Goldman Snacks? FWIW, I like the picks, except for riverbed.
  3. I don't know why Google didn't open the vault and buy Yahoo instead of paying a billion or so on U-Tube.

    I only have one stock and that is just recently been breaking new 52 weeks highs.. Do you like it?
  4. Here is my stance on Riverbed. Has your office ever had a networking problem? Computers seem a little slow. Riverbed deals with compression devices. These devices can be found in that one locked room/closet on every office floor containing the networking equipment.

    The device in question is called "Steelhead" and its physical appearance is a large metal switch box. This device dramatically speeds up the internet between two offices. The company started out two years ago with no customers and has over 1000 customers current day, most are large companies.

    The stock appears to be a little ahead of itself at the current time. I say to wait until after the conference call to look for an entrance point.

    I went long at 21 dollars and sold over 22 dollars for a quick trade. I believe its a buy under 20 dollars.
  5. Yahoo is heading lower. If you wouldn't mind, where is your stop? I need a good place to cover my short. :)

    If we take out the high of yesterday in the next few days that will be a solid sign a reversal has take place until then, lower she goes.