Cover and Go long Golden Slacks

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  1. Change of heart...New price target 232
  2. Elaborate.
  3. Khaled...

    If you are asking me to elaborate on my call,
    it was based on 'Round Top' pattern. Most Round Top patterns end up trading near previous support levels prior to the Pattern formation. My target on 6/23/07 was around $210 (from $222). Friday's close was at $192.

  4. Thanks for your elaboration. Any thoughts (long or short) on Bear Stearns? I can guess your answer, but I want to hear your technical opinion.
  5. Cover and go long BSC. Price target $150.
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  6. Short BSC and Long GS sounds good.
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    could you post in on 6/22 next time.
  8. Any of the Financial Stocks, I would watch XLF, CBOE's CFA indexes.. (Actually I watch them Intra-Day for market strength/weakness too...)

    There may be temporary support at the current ranges but nothing below until Jul. 2006 or Oct. 2005 levels.

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