Covel's Trend Following #77

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  1. Covel's Trend folowing ranked #77 of all books in print by Amazon.

    Obviously, the best selling trading related book of all time.

  2. covel never made a dime from trend following
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    Even if one doesn't believe in trend following (who would that be?), is a great read. TF and the Market Wizards books are in my opinion the best trading books out there.

  4. agree. first marketwizards is great, second is good, then 3rd misses the mark imho.

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    I didn't even know there was a third MW. Is it worth reading?
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  7. Is any of this new?

    Seems like a waste of paper confusing people about whether it has been printed before- albeit, with a slightly different title (probably stock market wizards)....
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