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  1. Which are the best courses of trading? I'd like know one advanced. Thanks
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    The market on your screen, and you sitting hour after hour in front of it.
  3. There was a thread called free-trading-strategy, but the dude`ve probably deleted it.I can write down the rules for you for a quick 1 million bucks, though.
  4. Sure. I am awarness about that. Much back testing and simulation. But learn some concepts about advanced market movements its good.
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    If you want to learn some advanced concepts and fine points of trading, then instead of wasting money on overpriced courses you could just watch some free Jigsaw, Futex and Axia Futures videos on youtube. You can thank me later. :)
  6. Thank you bro. I will watch them.
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    If someone was teaching an advanced course, why would they bother selling it for peanuts when they could be trading it? Of course that's me and I don't like talking with 99.99% of people cause they are inept and some are members of ET, maybe even me, LOL.
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    I attended one forex trading course years ago.
    This course is very good if you want to learn how to sell fridge to the eskimo.

    I think this coach went into hiding.
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    Unfortunately many courses are sold by people who used to win who describe methods that used to work. Most of the other courses are sold by people who were never winning traders detailing methods they never could get to work

    The cold hard truth:

    Most gurus-for-hire are hustlers.

    The Mentor Method:

    The best chance for most people would be to develop a personal relationship with a winning trader or work for one; however, this is something most people will not be able to do.
  10. Ok I tought that in trading english world could be different to spanish. I see now also there are many people selling courses dumps. There is to have a good knoledge and intuition
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