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  1. Attention all newbies and frustrated traders alike. Like you, I have paid my market tuition. Like you, I have waded thru the muck-and-mire of commerical trading methods in pursuit of the Holy Grail.

    You are better off giving your capital to the markets, learning from your mistakes than purchasing a prepackaged system.

    That said, below is a list of trading courses in Adobe pdf format and their approximate retail value (where appliciable) I am willing to swap for any trading course you are willing to part with. Will consider all offers:

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  2. The Edge $449

    NQ Scalping System $29

    Stephen Pierce's Elliott Wave $49

    Trader's Secret Code $97

    Market Monk's PMTC Blog $5000

    BlackJack Trader $799

    Kevin Haggerty Trading Markets Course

    Strategic Trading Systems $39

    Louis Borsellino Trading Markets Course

    Scientific Methods of Gann Part I
    Scientific Methods of Gann Part II
    Scientific Methods of Gann Part III

    60 Minute Trader $149

    Swing Trading Strategy

    TradeStation EasyLanguage Guide

    Balance Magic Part I
    Balance Magic Part II

    Stock Market Prediction

    Simple as 123 Trading Manual


    Mark Fisher's The Logical Trader

    Momentum Trend Trading