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    Seeking comments/ratings on trading courses or seminars you've taken, either live or online. I've done thread searches on this subject, but I thought I would see if I could get something going in one thread.
  2. We are offering 30 free trading workshops over the next couple of months, in various offices (check the website). Before I get busted for "spamming" just let me say that our managers are taking some time to spend with those interested in trading, and will answer as many questions as possible about trading in general, prop trading in particular, and our firm in specific.

    And, free food!!
  3. How about free beer? That would pack them in.

    Or are there compliance issues with getting seminar attendees drunk?

  4. Not a bad idea, I doubt the SEC would mind, but the ABC or ATF
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    Before anybody hijacks this tread blasting Don Bright, I'd like to say I appreciate reading his posts on this board and look forward to attending the Bright workshop if I can (free intros work for me, then I can pay if I see value). This is not an endorsement for Bright or their trading methods because just about all I know about them comes from this board, pro and con, of which there is plenty if you want to do a thread search. So if you want to hit Don for what you perceive as spamming, please just e-mail him.
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    I took a Steve Nison seminar on candlesticks - he was good if you're looking for the basics of candlesticks - read his book and save the money IMO.

    i also took the technical analysis course at Marketwise - save your money on that one. Other people I met who also took their 4 day course said it was basic nothingness - fwiw.

    I would be leery of any courses on daytrading the old way - using level 2 and such - things just ain't the same anymore, and trading that way is not for the faint of heart.

    I think the Alan Farley book is a good read for swing trading - 99% of the others aren't worth what they're printed on.

    All IMO
  7. Me too.
  8. Guys: I only trade emini futures but reading all the valuable posts from the more experienced smart traders (including Don Bright...just kidding don) has been worth more to me than any seminar i ever went to.Go back into the search function and the archives and dig up some of these gems.
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    The best two seminars ive seen is Linda Bradford raschke and Joe DiNapoli. If you cant attend Lindas seminar, i believe its for sale on CD for 150 bucks. Joe DiNapoli is my favorite. Try his Book called trading with DiNapoli Levels, one of the best around. His seminars are even better. Dont attend any seminars by the writers who masquerade as traders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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