Discussion in 'Politics' started by CaptainObvious, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. The president has said that the Dems need to show some courage. I agree, yet they have shown anything but courage. Say what you will about the Repubs, but on the issue of this health care bill it is they that have shown the courage of their convictions. Their vote is NO!
    The Dems would have us believe their vote is yes, but is it? For some it is, for others it's a maybe, and for others still it's yes...for a price. Maybe someone can explain to me why, if this is such a great moral issue, something which is of such great need, then why would someone need to be paid off for their support? If the "people" are so in favor of their proposal, then why no vote taken place yet? Why isn't every Dem screaming from the mountain tops, WE VOTE YES!
    The Dem party is in fact trying to do everything within their power to hide, con, scheme and manipulate the system in order to pass a bill in the shadows. The House doens't even have the courage to take a vote at all, they will "deem" it so. Like cockroaches in the night, they scurry away when exposed to the light. Why aren't they proud of what they're doing?
    Let me close with this. One of the causes I support with my time and money is my local humane society. It's a cause I beleive in. It's important! They don't need to come mow my lawn or wash my car to receive my help, I simply give it to them. My reward in knowing I'm doing something of value, something that needs doing, a moral obligation of you will. Too bad the Dem party doesn't feel the same way about health care.