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    Hey AMT,

    Arnie's quote, which study was that in reference too? I googled the original reply at JR-something forums, and couldn't find it in the original post.

    These results are absolutely earth-shattering....
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  2. Do you mean to tell me they found traces of welding material in the dust after 911? Tell me it ain't so. How could traces of welding material have gotten there, in the middle of NYC?
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  3. Of course. The earth is a closed biological system... overpopulation and build-up of wastes eventually leads to death of all organisms.

    We're smart enough to prevent it, but our greed gets int the way of common sense.... even when it comes to our own survival.
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  4. LOL.

    The REAL howler is how the whole premise that Jones puts out is that thermxte was used cuz it's silent, cuz he knows that he can't show the explosive cutter charges going off.

    At least that's a consistent theory.

    But NOW he's saying that nanu-nanu-thermxte was used to set off the explosive charges.

    Which he once again has no evidence for.

    Another howler is that this supposed "independant lab" that he sent his sample to is owned by a troofer that joined Gage's group long BEFORE Jones came out with his whole original thermxte theory.

    Personally, I'll wait for him to get his Pulitzer Prize before I get on his bandwagon.....
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  5. There is NO nano-tube based nano technology within the byproducts of welding.

    BTW, that was a pathetic and lame try......think out a much better statement next least try please! :eek:
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  6. And as usual you have zero knowledge of what Jones has actually said. Jones and the other scientific groups that have ALL found nano-thermite in testing have NEVER said it was the ONLY explosive material used.....NEVER! :cool:

    Like the people that died in the SUBLEVELS by explosions which took out large areas (as witnessed by WTC employees PRIOR to the buildings collapse)......and blew out windows and dropped large marble slap interior wall sections on the ground floor levels (as witnessed by many WTC employees and then numerous fireman/rescue workers). Something very special was used to "prep" the 47 steel columns at their base in the lower sublevels.....probably a variety of explosive types!

    Your state of denial is off the help immediately! :eek:

    BTW, the entities that pulled off this "false flag" LOVE your type.....they LOVE your psychological subservience and mentally vacant state of existence!!! They have GREAT PLANS ahead for your type......ENJOY! :eek:
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  7. Ur an Aussie??

    I thought only that nutbird Sybil was the only Aussie here.

    There is a show here in the states, called Tactical to Practical. It shows how much of what we use 2day started off in military use.

    This is how it will go down for RFID.
    The first human user will be military persons. Then, they will go on with the civilians in the manner already laid out.
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  8. It's funny how Trekkies boast about how that show predicted so many things we have today.

    Not really, the USS Enterprise is a battleship.
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  9. Nah, real or percieved scarcity of resources will trigger war.

    Destruction of infrastructure will precip disease and pestilence. Probably some Ebola type superbug with 3-4 day incubation period.

    After all, what brought down the Inca?

    Hint: It wasn't the Spanish.
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  10. Would one of these scientific types include the troofer owned lab that he sent his samples to?

    Why didn't he send them to a University lab if he was truly seeking indendent status?

    I'm sure your cognitive dissonance sees no problem with this, does it?
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