Couple of systems featured in 'Traders' Magazine..

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Mo06, Nov 27, 2006.

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    Been reading the current (Dec 2006) edition, specifically the article on page 38 'The Importance of Time'.

    It describes a couple of systems, the one I was interested in was the 'EU follows US' system, based on trading the ESTX50 futures.

    The stats I get from this are as follows:

    Trades 260
    Winning trades 156
    Losing trades 104

    Net profit €11,227 which equates to 1122 points net.

    Thing is, these figures are taken from Jun 1998 to Dec 2005.

    Thats approx 3 points per week.

    Obviously, this system does not give too many signals, less than 1 per week.

    Thsi system is put forward as a half - decent one.

    This got me thinking, since I have a target on the EZTX50 of 25 - 30 points per week.

    Over the same period, this would equate to approx 9000 points net.

    But the system as described still returns approx 97% on capital pa

    Just wondered if people are actually trading such systems.

    Any views ?