Couple “addicted” to coffee enemas.

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  1. Although the story is bizarre, rectal administration of drugs is nothing new. Rectal tissues have a higher absorption of substances than the digestive system when administered orally, the effects are stronger and onset is quicker.

    That amount of coffee up the ass as mentioned in the article can't be anything less than extremely addictive however. Or perhaps it's just the sensation of receiving an enema that is responsible for the euphoric feelings.

    Couple injects bucket full of fresh-brewed joe into their colons up to 100 times a month
    February 10, 2013
    Tina and Mike are “addicted” to coffee enemas.


    In what might be the most head-turning episode of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” yet, a Florida couple has admitted to being “addicted” to coffee enemas. Mike and Trina, who declined to give their last name, need coffee enemas on a daily basis to function normally. Without irrigating her colon with a bucket full of fresh-brewed joe, Trina ends up in the emergency room with kidney stones. The couple reportedly gives themselves a coffee enema up to four times a day and up to 100 times a month.

    Trina recently told that she started the coffee enemas because she was suffering from digestive problems. She said that injecting the bucket full of fresh-brewed joe into her colon gives her a sense of “euphoria,” which would make sense given the number of capillaries and blood vessels in the lower intestine.

    To perform the unusual ritual, Mike and Tina must insert a Vaseline-coated hose into their rectum.

    “That’s the freaky part,” Trina told “So I try to relax.”

    After the coffee has been injected into their colons, they must quickly transition to the toilet because everything comes rushing out like a “torrent.”

    Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, a gastroenterologist at NYU Medical Center, told that coffee enemas can be dangerous. She pointed out that there is no available scientific evidence that coffee enemas are a safe and effective alternative to cancer treatment.

    In fact, inserting a tube into the rectum can cause a tear in the lining and too many enemas can lead to dehydration and a decrease in bowel function.

    Believers in Gerson therapy use coffee enemas–along with supplements, juicing and a special diet–to boost their immune systems. However, no available scientific evidence supports the claim that Gerson therapy is an effective alternative to cancer treatment.

    While coffee enemas may not be risk free, they certainly are not as dangerous as alcohol enemas. A fraternity at the University of Tennessee was recently suspended indefinitely because members of the fraternity were giving themselves alcohol enemas and one of them wound up in the hospital.

    Mike told that he no longer gives himself a coffee enema on a daily basis. Trina, on the other hand, continues her “addiction” up to four times a day.
  2. I can't believe how rude the enema helpline was. ..:cool:

    In other news; The couple is no longer welcome at Starbux.
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    Please God get Globex back up on IB so I don't read anymore stuff like this.:D
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    LOL, I hereby nominate this as the best line of the month!
  5. Hey...:D

    Coffee should be your best friend

    Not your enema

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    My doctor told me coffee is not my best friend, but she never mentioned using it as an enema. Would it be best friend or worst nightmare then? Geez, we both agreed i could wait 2 years for a colonscopy rather than her finger in my rear. She is a very nice looking woman, but I still agreed I could wait and be put under. Really, coffeee up the rear?
  7. Wouldn't Pepsi or Mountain Dew be cheaper? :confused: :eek: :D
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    Actually may as well really save and go with the Walmart brand. :D
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    Caffeine, colon, coffee - all start with C. Coincidence? I don't think so! :D
  10. 39 grams of high fructose toxic corn syrup per can .
    not good for your butt.

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