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  1. Missed by a lot and cut earnings guidance. Fucking Mozilo is a lying piece of shit and really pumped that stock up while he sold shares at higher prices.

    He should really be thrown in a prison cell.
  2. Yes he should. Just called my friend who works for them on his way to his job with those crooks.

    Yes, I had this short at $38.50 a couple months ago and got shaken out and scared by a Cramer BS buyout sending this in the 40's at one point. Too late to short now though...
  3. in the last 6 months he has sold $-126,290,514 of stock.

    in the last 12 months he has sold $-406,196,220 of stock.

    how many stock options can one gut be granted.

    this over tanned twat aint worth it.

    when countrywide goes belly up when this subprime mess blows up he wont last one minute in front of a senate committee.
  4. I agree. I actually lost a bit of money due to Mozilo's lying about the state of the lending market. This was at the point when he was on CNBC and Mad Money but didn't make the senate hearings held by Barney Frank.

    He needs to be the first case prosecuted of misleading the public in order to manipulate a stock price while having a automated0sale plan going.
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    How this stock traded where it was trading a few weeks ago is beyond me, this stock should have been under 30 a share months ago.
  6. Buyout rumors, institutional holdings, Mozilo and company lying about the state of the industry, etc. People are sheep and bought what they said, bunch of lies. Mozilo should really be brought up on charges or at least taken out by shareholders in a lawsuit for all the money he's taken from them.
  7. Given the taste of sour grapes, I suppose it's a natural avenue for one to blame someone/something else for one's woes. Hitler found the Jews most convenient.

    Stock's been in a distribution top for 3 years. A third of a decade. Sorry, I can't use crayons.
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  8. Who has sour grapes? Mozilo mis-represented the state of the mortgage lending industry and his company multiple times on tv while selling stock.

    Over the course of 3 years I've made hundreds of percent in profits...sorry I don't care about returns that are made by kids with crayons.

    Hitler didn't find the Jews the most convenient, where did you get that spiel?!
  9. Quite the mouth there behind the screen LITTLE man. Your grasp of the mechanics of inventory merchandising (price movement) is woefully sophomoric. I guess that's where the "woes" come from.

    And, it's YOU not me blaming anybody but yourself. TV?????????????????????? Can you say impressionable?

    Greedy, lemming. 3 years, huh?
  10. Wow, full attack mode? Is that "little" comment a gay attack move? My grasp might be sophmoric when it comes to larger cap stocks, but my returns show I can find value and invest and have made what I consider to be stellar returns in the past few years. :D You seem perturbed by that.

    If a company director uses his position to state something that isn't true I'd have to say that they're deceiving people. You would not say so as well? You would have to be dumb to say that Mozilo didn't intentionally paint the mortgage industry to be rosier than it actually was/is.

    3 years is a long time to someone my age dummy. :p You might be old and still broke but I want to be fairly wealthy before I hit 30.
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